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how to buy pp material

1. Raw materials PP products are generally made of PP materials, but many declared PP materials are not pure PP, so pay attention when purchasing. 2. Appearance Good pp materials are generally transparent or translucent, with a shiny appearance, beautiful design, and no burrs, which can be seen from the appearance. 3. Persistence Good pp material has very high heat resistance, will not deform in high temperature water, and can even be sterilized in boiling water. In addition, the impact resistance of the pp material is also very high, and it is not easy to crack under heavy pressure or impact, leaving no scratches.
25 2022/04

What is the method of welding pp sheet?

PP sheet should be welded with hot air. Hot gas welding process The hot gas used can be air or an inert gas such as nitrogen (for oxidative degradation of sensitive materials). Gas components must be dry and free of dust and grease. The edges of the parts should be chamfered before welding, or the two parts should form a corner. Both parts are clamped in clamps to ensure their correct position. Hot air welding is usually done by hand. The welder holds the welding tool in one hand and presses the electrode into the welding area with the other hand. Obviously, welding quality depends on the skill of the welder. Using negative plate or roller modified welding tools to increase the control of welding pressure can improve welding speed and quality. Process parameters and materials Most PP plastics can be welded with hot air. For optimum weld strength, the electrode must be made of the same material as the base metal. -Typical hot air temperature is 350 degrees. Typical hot gas temperatures for semi-crystalline materials are 80 to 100 degrees above the melting point. - The moving speed of the welding tool is usually 0.1 to 0.3m/min. Better results can be achieved by moving the torch along the connecting axis in the form of a pendulum. - The angle between the electrode and the welded part should be close to 90. - Typical gas flow rates range from 16-60 L/min.
25 2022/04
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